Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Nothing is more exciting to consumers today than the latest solutions for their ever-expanding electronic lifestyles. That lifestyle extends from their earphones to their home theatre and everything in between from car audio to distributed sound.

As consumers get more educated to electronic solutions, they come to expect high standards wherever they go. And they want to stay in constant contact with their favourite sources of entertainment – through satellite and online delivery systems.

The rapid change and complexity of the Consumer Electronics category requires a distributor who is committed to your product all the way through the purchase cycle. JAM has the size, product management teams and flexibility to manage all these customer touch points.

Of critical importance is JAM’s ability to fulfill after sales service, technical support and warranty repair. Our established sales and distribution networks should make JAM your first choice for meeting “first to market” objectives in a competitive, seasonal marketplace. If you are going into the ring with your new product in Canada or the USA, go with a heavyweight distributor.

And grow with JAM.



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