Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

The altar at which we worship – the quality instruments that help make the musician. Whether it’s rock, classical or techno we’re truly excited about the whole wide world of musical instruments. And we treat them like gold.

JAM is at the top of the heap not just in Canada but globally – in terms of the range and volume of instruments that we distribute. Nobody in the world does MI distribution better than JAM does. Which is why we have the best sales people in the business calling on virtually every retail channel that sells instruments – from your local guitar shop to large chains. And online. We know every single retailer out there and we are proud to be partners in their success.

Our MI management group knows and understands what it takes to move a brand from “wannabee” to “must have” status. Because at the end of the day it’s still the cool brand that matters to most musicians.

And JAM is cool.


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