Passionate about delivering music

A musical visionary founded JAM.

He clearly understood what it takes to make it in the entertainment business – above and beyond the power chords, the promotion and the mega hits.

It’s all about the heavy lifting. From beginning to end. From creation to production. From live performance to retail.

JAM recognized early on that it all begins in the songwriter’s studio with a musical instrument – where we started as a distribution company. Over time, we realized that passion, commitment and delivery to deadline works no matter where you apply it on the chain. So we grew into distributing Recording, Pro Audio (now our largest division), Sound, Lighting and ultimately retail consumer products. Nobody else has both the depth and breadth of product lines that we deliver.

And rest assured, JAM can deliver.

More music is being created, recorded and performed now than ever before. And JAM is in the unique position of seeing the new music world unfold from a fantastic vantage point – on one hand nurtured with exciting new products and technologies from our vendors – and on the other driven by the time-sensitive demands of our customers. Many of whom are now gravitating to the online environment.

We are committed to deliver on all fronts.

President’s Message

No matter where you are located in the world, I’d like to welcome you to JAM – North Americas’ leading distributor of musical instruments, pro audio/lighting and consumer electronics.

We are all about relationships. We create, manage and cherish relationships between our suppliers and our customers. We picture ourselves as “matchmakers” – nurturing love affairs between end users and our products. We work in unison with our suppliers to create the best possible experience for the dealer, installer, integrator, and end user. Every activity we perform from the moment we pick up the product at the factory is aimed at delivering an efficient and effective customer experience.  For over 40 years we have refined and continue to refine the supply chain management entrusted to us by both our suppliers and customers.

We’re big and full-service but it doesn’t feel that way because you’ll be dealing directly with the division that is responsible for your success. Each business unit has a select group of brands managed by a dedicated staff. The economy of scale is at the back end where its needed; in the warehouse, accounting service etc. When it comes to sales, marketing, and customer service we are all specialists and believe in focused goals.  As you learn more about us, you’ll see that we have carefully and strategically built our line cards for the mutual benefit of all our customers.

Even though we have hundreds of working partners, we don’t just take anyone on. Which is why the brands we distribute generally outperform national market share expectations in their categories.

Our steady growth, despite the challenging times we have all faced, leaves JAM strongly positioned to add leverage and synergy to your sales – not to mention cutting out needless movement of your product.

Thanks again for visiting and I’ll leave you with one simple personal guarantee.

~ Martin Szpiro


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