Full service logistics in house.

JAM’s eighteen divisions rely completely on our in-house logistics department – essentially a freight forwarder down the hallway. Because we learned long ago that your product is only as good as your deliverability. If it is late or damaged in transit, your reputation takes a major hit. We won’t let that happen. Over the years, we have developed both expertise and negotiating power in the industry. Having JAM deal with carriers directly can be a huge cost saving for our vendors. And since we have been shipping high value inventory for years, we know how to take the best possible care of it both in our distribution centres or around the world.

Giving your volume transportation clout.

In today’s shipping world, volume is power when it comes to optimizing available transportation supply chains. And JAM has power – which drives efficiency. The more lines we add, the greater negotiating power we have with terms, rates and even offloading schedules. We have developed strong relationships with our global carrier suppliers such as FedEx Global. And we always have a backup delivery plan. Most importantly, our carriers understand that JAM puts on-time delivery ahead of price. Because if your shipment is late, we bear responsibility. And we try to avoid expedited shipping at all costs. Plus, we keep our suppliers honest by not locking into long term contracts that are subject to the variable price of fuel – either up or down. Flexibility is critical to our success in meeting your deadlines.

On call 24/7.

JAM’s logistics department is quietly dedicated to premium customer service through superior communication. Systems are in place to guarantee that everyone who needs to know understands what and when goods are moving – from shipping clerk through to priority cross border customs clearance broker to receiver. Our established lines of communication also ensure that a need for new product confidentiality, can be delivered with confidence.


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