Empowered to serve.

At JAM, we know that one dissatisfied customer is one too many. And as warrantor for many of the products we distribute, we have to supply professional after sales service. To both warranty and out of warranty customers. Or in many cases, pre-sale service. We don’t want anything leaving our warehouse that Is not in a ready-to-sell status. For example, electronics being upgraded with the newest version of firmware before shipping. The Service department at JAM works closely with the distribution centres to ensure that valuable instruments are inventoried at the right temperature prior to shipping, tuned to manufacturers standards and professionally packaged to withstand the rigours of shipping.


Pro technicians for every market.

A little known fact about JAM Industries is that our service technicians are some of the best in the business. Many have been with the company for years and their combined years of experience would be the envy of any customer service manager. Even more important is that virtually all our team are musicians as well as being skilled technicians. They understand the nuances of music and that the artist’s opinion and personal sound preference is what matters at the end of the night – both functionally and creatively.


Working with you to build stronger brands.

JAM’s service department is unique in that they support our eighteen divisions as well as dealing direct with customers and vendors. One could argue that our service techs know as much about the brands as the manufacturer. Because they know what works, what doesn’t work and what warrants making a repair investment on. Service is in constant contact with the suppliers and manufacturers. In many instances, they have provided fixes to improve overall product quality and limit returns.


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