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Musical Instruments

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The altar at which we worship – the quality instruments that help make the musician. Whether it’s rock, classical or techno we’re truly excited about the whole wide world of musical instruments. From beginner to arenas, no matter the stage, we provide what it takes to assure the music never dies.

Exertis l Jam is the leading distributor of musical instrument products, in terms of the range and volume of instruments that we distribute. Nobody in the world does MI distribution better than Exertis l Jam does. Which is why we have the best sales people in the business calling on virtually every retail channel that sells instruments – supporting local merchants, large chains, and online specialists. We know every single retailer out there and we are proud to be partners in their success.

Our MI management group knows and understands what it takes to move a brand from “wannabe” to “must have” status.

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KMC Music

Originally founded in 1966, Connecticut-based KMC Music is the single largest musical instrument accessory distributor in the United States. Over the years, KMC has built their market leading status by having the fullest and deepest assortment of accessories in the music products industry – servicing a wide range of brands in all areas of the MI product range. From picks and strings to guitars and harmonicas, If KMC doesn’t have it, nobody does! Join thousands of long-term, satisfied customers for our extensive product range and unbeatable customer service.

Serving the U.S. Market

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Coast Music

Distinguished by great brands that embody the best in musical instruments. Coast Music is Canada’s premier distributor carrying the best brands and matching that up with great service, fulfillment and marketing support to the top dealers in the market.

Serving the Canadian Market

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Erikson Music

Erikson Music is the exclusive Canadian distributor for some of the most iconic global and up and coming brands. We continue to set the industry standard for market leadership since our formation in 1972 in Montreal. Outstanding customer service, full warranty support, captured sales force and strong industry ties are just some of the many attributes that define this group.

Serving the Canadian Market

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Korg Canada

Korg Canada is your exclusive distributor of some of the most innovative electronic musical instruments and accessories in the world. Driven by industry leading sales and service, we bring legendary brands and instruments to you.

Serving the Canadian Market

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Davitt & Hanser

As one of America’s longest established distributors, Davitt & Hanser brings a rich heritage and a wide line of musical instrument accessories to JAM’s North American customers. Originally founded in 1924, Davitt & Hanser remains tightly connected to dealers of all sizes and a go-to resource for brands that those dealers know that they can count on.

Serving the U.S. Market

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B&J Music

Started in 1931, B&J Music is one of Canada’s oldest distributors, but also one its most innovative and reliable. From the early days of ordering music products via telegraph communication, B&J has evolved steadily with the times and changing communication needs of the industry. Today, customers have instant online access to inventory selection 24/7, as well as an industry-leading array of e-tools to meet the rapidly changing, time-sensitive needs of today’s music industry.

Serving the Canadian Market


The On-Stage division of The Music People is known for music-instrument accessories of outstanding function and value. Supplying over 700 products to thousands of U.S. retailers as well as distributors in more than 80 countries,  On-Stage is one of the most recognized brand names in the music industry.

Serving the Global Market

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KMC International

KMC International is a global brand management company that owns a number of popular brands in the musical products industry. Their portfolio includes Washburn Guitars, the oldest stringed instrument brands in the USA. Other brands brands include Randall Amplifiers, RhythmTech, and Jasmine. The KMC International team markets these products around the world, extending the Exertis | JAM reach to musicians everywhere.

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Marshall USA

Marshall USA is the exclusive distributor of this celebrated amplifier brand. This Exertis | JAM division embodies Marshall and its values at every step of a customer’s journey, and at the same time is supercharged by the scale and capabilities of Exertis | JAM.

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